A good number of people who are addicted, do not usually feel that the church is integral to their recovery. So, they would prefer to handle their addiction problem themselves till get solved. What they do not understand is, they are missing out on the latent benefits which comes with the inclusion of the church […]

The Christian Drug Rehab Experience

Christian rehab can be a life changing experience for those who are open to it. Many people have spent time enrolled in a Christian rehab program and come away from it with an incredible new outlook on life. The reason a Christian rehab program can be so much more compelling than a secular rehab program […]

The Christian Rehabilitation Method

There is a specific method to Christian rehabilitation that sets it apart from other rehab programs. Though Christian rehab and secular rehab utilize some of the same elements, they are very different experiences. In secular rehab, the clients focus on their recovery from a psychological and psychiatric viewpoint. This method can be successful, but can […]