The Christian Rehabilitation Method

christian rehab methodThere is a specific method to Christian rehabilitation that sets it apart from other rehab programs. Though Christian rehab and secular rehab utilize some of the same elements, they are very different experiences. In secular rehab, the clients focus on their recovery from a psychological and psychiatric viewpoint. This method can be successful, but can also be dissatisfying for many because their spiritual needs are not met. At a Christian rehab, the spiritual side of recovery is explored and embraced.

Some people fear that religion will be shoved down their throat if they enroll into a Christian rehab program. The truth is, the faith element of Christian rehab is typically optional, or tailored to the individual’s preferences. Many Christian rehabs even give their clients agreement forms to sign stating what level of exposure they would like to receive to the Christian faith. This protects the clients interests and ensures that they are recovering within a spiritual environment that they are comfortable with.

The psychological and psychiatric elements of treatment at a Christian rehab are largely the same as they are in a secular rehab. The counselors are licensed under the same standards and the same principles on mental health and emotional intelligence that secular counselors are. The difference in Christian rehabilitation is that the treatment is within a Christian context, which means that the discussion can include Christian concepts any time the client wants to receive them.

Christian rehabilitation also means that the clients will have access to additional Christian resources, such as church communities, Christian counselors and prayer groups. Christian rehabilitation centers are plugged into the larger church communities in their area and introduce their clients to a tight network of Christian professionals and groups. This is invaluable to many recovering addicts and substance abusers because a support system is an essential part of recovery. Many rehab clients have friends and family members that they need space from in order to be safe which means a community of loving, welcoming individuals with a shared connection is a key component to the success of their recovery.