Benefits of Christian Counseling in Addiction


When counseling people who suffer from addiction, it may require a different approach from the regular.

Addicts are more likely to want to act defensively about their addiction. This can be linked to the fact that they somehow feel bad about themselves and don’t want to be judged any further. 

Christian counseling is counseling based on biblical principles. The interwoven nature of Christian counseling involves the combination of faith and psychology in counseling therapy. The bible is the ultimate guide in Christian counseling. 

Benefits of Christian Counseling in Addiction

  • They Provide Faith 

One of the bedrocks of Christian counseling is faith. In Christian counseling, the major aim is to help you build up your faith in God to overcome your challenges. 

For those struggling with addiction, there’s a tendency to be hopeless. Christian counselors help addicts build up faith in God to overcome addiction. This faith is expressed through the hope an addict has for overcoming the addiction. 

  • They Provide Community 

Christian counseling brings addicts to a community of believers who can serve as a support system to help them overcome their addiction. 

Sometimes, the community is made up of people who are faced with the same issue or people who overcame the addiction.

The community could be a church or a support group. They help the patient grow in the knowledge of the bible, they also provide emotional and moral support as the patients take steps in overcoming the addiction.

  • They are Mostly Free

For most Christian counselors, being able to help people overcome their pain is a more worthy reward. Most Christian counseling services are offered as a form of charity and community service. It is one of the major benefits of Christian counseling, they are mostly free.

  • They Teach Morals

Apart from being able to help people overcome addiction, Christian counselors also teach moral values. They impart moral values to their patients, helping them become people in the world. 


Not everybody is qualified to become a Christian counselor. Christian counselors should have training in psychology irrespective of what they do in church.