How God’s Power Helps Us Defeat Addiction


According to the Cambridge Dictionary, addiction is defined as “an inability to stop doing or using something, especially something harmful.” Addiction is a condition in which a person is under control by an act or use of a substance. 

Addiction can sometimes seem like the driving force of your life. It can sometimes seem like your entire personality is at the mercy of this addiction. 

Do you know God’s power is sufficient to free you of addiction? By God’s power, you can overcome addiction.

How to Overcome Addiction by God’s Power

One of the adverse effects of addiction is low self-esteem and feeling of shame. Addiction can cause people to have low self-evaluation because they feel they have failed in an aspect of their life.

While some make attempts to break the hold of addiction, some surrender to a fate that they’re incapable of being free.

The power of God helps addicts by firstly affecting their self-image. The way people see themselves is reflective of how they live. As people begin to surrender to the power of God, they are influenced to change their thinking patterns about themselves.

Instead of thinking of themselves as broken and incapable; by the power of God, they see themselves as beautiful and strong. When people can change their perceptions about themselves, they tend to form new habits and in turn, they begin to develop new characters. 

Dealing with addiction can be very practical and beyond the mind-shift therapy, practical steps need to be taken. The power of God can help you take practical steps in tandem with your new mindset. 

When drug addicts abstain from drugs, withdrawal symptoms set in. This period can be a physically trying period as their bodies begin to react to the absence of these drugs in their bloodstream. With power from God, they receive the strength to endure this short but painful period. 


Any person is under the influence of addiction should be taught the influence of God’s power to overcome addiction. For most people, hopelessness sets in if they don’t get the desired result from other therapy forms when God offers the best therapy.