A good number of people who are addicted, do not usually feel that the church is integral to their recovery. So, they would prefer to handle their addiction problem themselves till get solved.

What they do not understand is, they are missing out on the latent benefits which comes with the inclusion of the church in your addiction treatment.

A Christian who understands the concept of addiction, and what it does to his or her relationship with God would definitely want to break free from addiction. So, he or she would strive to make sure that it is a reality.

The church comes with a structure which is envied in the world today. People who do not belong to the church might see the church as a mere gathering of people who believe in a higher power.

However, the church is much more than that, it is a family that looks out for one another irrespective of the number of people that make up a part of it.

One interesting part is, a good number of healthcare professionals who are adept in offering treatment for addiction recovery, are in the church. So, you would expect that, they would offer some of their consultation services at a reduced or even free price.

For people who are counselors among them, there is a possibility that they would not really charge clients within the church for any service offered. It would be done based on the fact that, there is a family member of theirs that needs urgent help.

One way the church can judiciously exploit this purpose, is to engage these professionals in some activities of the church. This would be an opportunity for these professionals to give back to the society, and most times, most of these services would come for free.

Most importantly, the church would also teach addicted individuals how to rely on God. They would also be taught how to build their faith, so that they can trust in God fully.