Treating Drug Addiction with Faith

drug abuse christian healingDrug addicts face a difficult set of challenges in separating themselves from the substance they are addicted to, but years of research have revealed that carefully administered Christian addiction treatment can be the difference between continued addiction and full recovery.

What we know about successfully treating a drug addicted person is that medications and faith-based behavioral counselling should both be utilized, and treatment largely needs to be customized to meet the patient’s needs. Because addiction is neither a purely chemical or a purely behavioral problem, the treatment needs to be flexible in its approach and treat the whole person, making use of the most current medical and God-centered psychological care available.

The most highly recommended type of treatment is spiritual residential rehabilitation in a Christian drug addiction treatment center. This treatment model boasts the highest success rate, especially among more severe cases of addiction. A Christian residential drug rehab, or inpatient treatment center, will take the drug addict through several long term stages of recovery including detox, extended spiritual therapeutic treatment and counselling, halfway housing and continued sobriety support and resources once the program is completed.

The patient typically begins receiving medication upon arrival, both to ease withdrawal symptoms and to boost neurological function. Detoxing is a necessary first step in returning the addict’s body back to a healthy state, but it is only a precursor to the faith-based treatment that will successfully end the addiction. Medications are employed to curb addiction for substances such as tobacco and opioids.

It is this combination of Christian psychological treatment and medication that has proven successful for many drug addicts. Treating the physical disease with medicine and the mental disorders with Christian therapy in conjunction can prepare the addict for a healthy, sober mindset.